Social Saturation – Helping Your Personal Brand

Our attention has become a scarce resource and some of us have suffered from some serious over saturation of what can only be described as drivel. When I first started to take Twitter more seriously it was a one-stop source of information, I could skim through my feed over a cup of coffee and be [...]

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Dylan Mr Cape Town Murray Turner Most South African Flight Ever

Thanks For The Fruit Bowl Kulula

I hate to write these posts. Not because they are bad or because I have some incredibly awkward news to break to you but because there are some experiences one can go through and when trying to portray that experience to others you find yourself just saying “you had to be there”. This last weekend [...]

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gumtree logo

Are People on Gumtree Taking Too Many Drugs?

One year ago I went to Gumtree to sell an Apple TV that I was given, and for the most part it was a relatively easy task. I registered, put the details in and then spent R20 to promote the ad for 7 days. Then, two days later a guy mailed and took it off [...]

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Cape Town Festival of Beer 2012 Logo crop

Beers, Bowls, Beers and Cheerleaders

These are the weekends that leave you shaken for days to come, and it has become somewhat overwhelming. Initially, what was very simply meant to be two days at The Cape Town Festival of Beer, which is, by far and away the ultimate Cape Town beer festival. 150 beers with dozens of different styles, and [...]

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Saint Georges College Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes At Saint Georges College

Caught this via Facebook last night (thanks Samu) and it bought back with it an incredible sense of nostalgia. I have no idea which Sherlock Holmes this is, clearly not a new one, but they filmed it at my old high school in Zim. Saint Georges College where I spent 6 years attending chapel, playing [...]

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sony DSLR Gear No Idea

Leave The DSLR to The Experts

This is such a great clip, and goes straight with a very obvious trend. I have got far too many friends that have purchased one of these digital SLR camera’s, and the conversation quickly turns to “ya boet! Mine takes 12 millions pixel stills and can send your mom to the moon for a fiver”. [...]

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