Google+: There’s More To Explore

So the google+ yay-nay train may continue but Google isn’t sitting back and letting those with doubts put them down. They have been hard at work and have updated the look and feel of the platform, and, they haven’t done badly at all. After the last “subtle” update the platform had begun to resemble a lego brick website with large colorful blocks everywhere (which was weird given the whole “circles” vibe).


I think this new layout looks far nicer and it is much easier to navigate. On the home screen I particularly like the “TRENDING ON GOOGLE+” section in the white space. The platform is beginning to resemble the love child of Twitter and Facebook. I Am sure that Google will be filling this white space with additional content, or giving you options to personalize it.

Check out the video with all the new features and let me know what you think. Am sure this will still not be enough to convince users.

To learn more you can go through to the Google+ Learnmore site.

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