Two Blokes, Beer, Sweat and Good Times

Unfortunately today I do not have another craft beer to enlighten you with, and I am really sorry about that. The week has been manic with Linkin Park and such, so instead I thought I would give Devils Peak another punt. Why? Because they are a great bunch of gents ready to get stuck in with their fans, ie, myself and Rosslee.

Last week I wrote about their Silver Tree Saison brew, how it had shot into my “beer I would sacrafice family members for category” (sorry mom), and the conversation I had with them in the few days prior to that. Well, we followed through.

Murray Turner Gareth Rosslee Devils Peak Blockhouse

Neither Rosslee or I are light on foot and had managed to develop quite the sweat getting up there, but by the fiery balls of hades once we got to the top and cracked the beers all was good again. No matter what your personal stance is on beer, when you have conquered a mountain (or just part of it) the beer tastes so good. Was just the ticket and an excellent way to spend a Sunday morning.

Below the reward for our labour, thanks very much Mitch from Devils Peak for dropping them off. We had a quick bit of banter where I let him know of the interest on doing something like this again, and he digged it. So, if anyone would be keen to get stuck in leave a comment and let’s make it happen.

Devils Peak Blockhouse IPA Poster Ilustration

Cheers for now, have a cracking weekend. If you are looking for something to do don’t forget about Banana Jams Massive Mini Craft Beer Festival, will be excellent.

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  1. Primate November 12, 2012 at 5:17 pm #

    I suspect we could have quite a crowd going up the mountain with us next time!

    Set it up Turner!

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