Promoting Your Hideous Canine on Facebook

Facebook announced at the beginning of October individual users, you and I, in a personal capacity would be soon be able to promote our status updates. And, I’m going to be honest, I thought they were completely losing their minds. The madness was made further evident when they decided that they were “like a chair“. My immediate reaction, and biggest concern at the time, can be seen in a tweet I sent out that morning:

I mean really, if the crazed pet posters got hold of this information it would be the end of us. We would be bombarded by spectacular images of Fluffy, a dog so hideous to everyone but its owner, sniffing at its own faeces, to the extent that everyone would be forced to resign from Facebook.

Anyway, the Mayans were right, the apocalypse began yesterday.

Facebook promoted status update

As if the reactions to that video were not bad enough already I decided it was a better opportunity than any to try it out. I should probably apologise right now for having done that, but this is what you get taken through.

facebook promoted status update 01

Through some very basic arithmetic I worked out that £0.64 worked out to about R6.40, bugger it, let’s have a go. If anyone ever paid R6.40 to promote their “Look at how cute Fluffy is goring the neighbours cat” update I would hope a man with a hockey mask would promptly pay them a visit. I would assume that the cost of promoting your update would depend on how many friends you have on Facebook.

facebook promoted status update 02

Cat Drowley’s comment seemed appropriate enough to include. But that was all that visibly changed, “Sponsored”, excellent but what the hell does that mean? I have no idea. Facebook says:

Every day, news feed delivers the stories you post to your friends and subscribers. Promote important posts to help people notice them. Promoted posts appear higher in news feed, so there’s a better chance your audience will see them.

The only obvious change I got was in the comments that update received. There were several guys that commented that I would not normally connect with on a daily basis. So, I guess what Facebook did is it looked at those people that Edgerank (algorithm that determines who sees your updates), would normally distribute my content to, and spread the net a little wider.

This is really just a theory and I am going to have to do some more homework, and will probably spend R6.40 again just to see what effect it has and if it is consistent. In the mean time let’s pray that Fluffys owner does not pick this up.

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