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These are the weekends that leave you shaken for days to come, and it has become somewhat overwhelming. Initially, what was very simply meant to be two days at The Cape Town Festival of Beer, which is, by far and away the ultimate Cape Town beer festival. 150 beers with dozens of different styles, and if beers not your thing you get the bands, sun and an excellent vibe you really shouldn’t miss out on.

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But Baldrick, calm down, a snag. The Players4Players Barefoot Bowls Day, of which I am now on the committee, was left with no option but to have the event on Saturday. A day that would have otherwise been spent at The Cape Town Festival of Beer. The biggest issue here is that some of the organisers of the festival are loyals of the bowls day and we are very upset to not have them with us this year. I would love to tell you more about the bowls day but I fear I may over sell it since I have been pushing it with such vigour on Twitter and Facebook. We will have cheerleaders though so you should probably go here to find out more.

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Moving this weekend and having Sunday off was a welcome break to get items such as beds and cabinets moved, but the beer gods shunned that idea. Black Label dropped the “Please DM us your email address” on Twitter. This, for anyone that works with brands sends a very real, and an even more inappropriate tingle into your nether regions. Why? Because it is exciting and brands want you to have a good time. Anyway, long story short I will make packing of my house “future Murrays problem” (he already has a lot to answer for), and be back at The Cape Town Festival of Beer on Sunday.

So, for a weekend you will not forget (or possibly not remember) join me for the following weekend schedule:

Excellent, it is going to be one hell of a weekend!

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