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Dylan Mr Cape Town Murray Turner Most South African Flight Ever

Thanks For The Fruit Bowl Kulula

I hate to write these posts. Not because they are bad or because I have some incredibly awkward news to break to you but because there are some experiences one can go through and when trying to portray that experience to others you find yourself just saying “you had to be there”. This last weekend [...]

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Cape Town Festival of Beer 2012 Logo crop

Beers, Bowls, Beers and Cheerleaders

These are the weekends that leave you shaken for days to come, and it has become somewhat overwhelming. Initially, what was very simply meant to be two days at The Cape Town Festival of Beer, which is, by far and away the ultimate Cape Town beer festival. 150 beers with dozens of different styles, and [...]

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banana jam craft beer festival birthday celebration

Banana Jam’s Massive Mini Beer Festival

This coming weekend Banana Jam in Kenilworth is going to celebrate its 13th birthday by hosting The Craft Beer Projects Massive Mini Beer Festival, catchy name right. Banana Jam ownership has taken to the craft beer scene recently and have a mass of craft beers already on tap and several others by the bottle. One [...]

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Digital Advocates, The DMMA and The Bookmarks

Disappointingly, and I mean that sincerely, I have never written about The Bookmarks or, more importantly, the DMMA. The DMMA is the Digital Media and Marketing Association, and as you can imagine should be top of the “important sh%t to follow” list. The Digital Media and Marketing Association (DMMA), formerly the OPA, is an independent, [...]

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Shangri-La: Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition

Shangri-La, a permanently happy land, isolated from the outside world. I would write more about Shangri-La but I would ramble, you would get bored and it would be less likely you keep reading. In short, “Shangri-La” is what I thought when my inbox produced this gem: The halo effect may have been fuelled by the [...]

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Take off My Pants [A Rocking The Daisies Report]

Did you meet Bob? Bob was given to me by Capitec Swap Shop at Rocking the Daisies and was a hit throughout the festival. He was our trans-gender walrus mate who was all about chilling, listening to music, chatting with girls and having a good time. Putting Bob aside for a moment we can have [...]

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