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XXL Sports Retailer Zombie Spot

Friday Zombie Funness… ness.. ness

Zombies have been such a killer theme for 2012, why? Because zombies are some mind numbingly awesome and entertaining you just can’t help but share a bit of zombie love. This girl almost shrieking herself out of her own skin. I seemed to be the only one in the office that got a kick out [...]

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Share This So Your Facebook Friends Don’t Murder You

You can’t have missed that bloody spam message going around Facebook earlier in the week. Something about not giving anyone access to your content, it hurts that people still go for this sort of thing. I could make a huge joke of this but Mashable once again to the rescue with this clip from College [...]

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Big Bang Theory Call Me Maybe Flash Mob

Big Bang Theory Rocks Flash Mob

Sourced straight from Mashable but I had to. The cast of Big Bang Theory let their hair down for a Call Me Maybe flashmob for their studio audience. Nothing really more to say other than enjoy! Raj you legend. Bazinga! Love it, this completely makes up for some of the atrocities I have posted earlier [...]

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sony DSLR Gear No Idea

Leave The DSLR to The Experts

This is such a great clip, and goes straight with a very obvious trend. I have got far too many friends that have purchased one of these digital SLR camera’s, and the conversation quickly turns to “ya boet! Mine takes 12 millions pixel stills and can send your mom to the moon for a fiver”. [...]

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nicole westbrook its thanksgiving

The Next Rebecca Black Will Make you Stab Your Eardrums With Forks

Remember Rebecca Black? Yeah, I know, what has been seen cannot be unseen. Well, Allan Kent, always on the search for some quality tunes has sent me this. And this again comes with a warning, it is really really bad, so be sure to crank up the volume to adequately irritate everyone else in the [...]

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rubybox come to me

Come To Me; The Most Inappropriate, Awkward, Awesome Spot Yet

This has just been tactically sent out by the bloggers and online influentials and it is absolutely outstanding. Well done Ruby Box for knocking this one out. Enjoy! Girls, and the occasional odd guy, you can find Rubybox and their products by following the link here.

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