facebook promoted status update 02

Promoting Your Hideous Canine on Facebook

Facebook announced at the beginning of October individual users, you and I, in a personal capacity would be soon be able to promote our status updates. And, I’m going to be honest, I thought they were completely losing their minds. The madness was made further evident when they decided that they were “like a chair“. [...]

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steri stumpie facebook celebration

Steri Stumpie Cupcakes Giveaway

Sorry, I am not the one to be grovelling to. I just thought the little gesture from the crew at Steri Stumpie was worth sharing. They have hit 50,000 fans on Facebook and are wanting to send cupcakes to the lucky few to say thanks. Drop them a message on Facebook or Twitter and you [...]

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nicole westbrook its thanksgiving

The Next Rebecca Black Will Make you Stab Your Eardrums With Forks

Remember Rebecca Black? Yeah, I know, what has been seen cannot be unseen. Well, Allan Kent, always on the search for some quality tunes has sent me this. And this again comes with a warning, it is really really bad, so be sure to crank up the volume to adequately irritate everyone else in the [...]

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rubybox come to me

Come To Me; The Most Inappropriate, Awkward, Awesome Spot Yet

This has just been tactically sent out by the bloggers and online influentials and it is absolutely outstanding. Well done Ruby Box for knocking this one out. Enjoy! Girls, and the occasional odd guy, you can find Rubybox and their products by following the link here.

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red bull rube golberg machine kluge

The Red Bull Rube Goldberg Machine

Only Red Bull would get some of the worlds top extreme athletes together to create a “Kluge”, a witty, yet inelegant solution that succeeds in performing a particular task. Not unlike a Rube Goldberg Machine then I guess. Not the usual self administered adrenaline shots we are used to from the energy drink but a [...]

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Devils Peak Blockhouse IPA Poster Ilustration

Two Blokes, Beer, Sweat and Good Times

Unfortunately today I do not have another craft beer to enlighten you with, and I am really sorry about that. The week has been manic with Linkin Park and such, so instead I thought I would give Devils Peak another punt. Why? Because they are a great bunch of gents ready to get stuck in [...]

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