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Promoting Your Hideous Canine on Facebook

Facebook announced at the beginning of October individual users, you and I, in a personal capacity would be soon be able to promote our status updates. And, I’m going to be honest, I thought they were completely losing their minds. The madness was made further evident when they decided that they were “like a chair“. [...]

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steri stumpie facebook celebration

Steri Stumpie Cupcakes Giveaway

Sorry, I am not the one to be grovelling to. I just thought the little gesture from the crew at Steri Stumpie was worth sharing. They have hit 50,000 fans on Facebook and are wanting to send cupcakes to the lucky few to say thanks. Drop them a message on Facebook or Twitter and you [...]

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[Ad Spot] Facebook – The Things That Connect Us

I know right! An ad spot from Facebook, almost seems unreal. Not as intriguing as you would expect but since it has gone viral I thought worth posting it anyway. Enjoy. From the Zuck: “Celebrating a billion people is very special to me. It’s a moment to honor the people we serve. For the first [...]

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Your Privacy Online Recited Offline

The topic of privacy and social media is always a hot debate with many making sure that they have max privacy on every account they have online. Personally I think it comes down to not being a jackass online and dishing out sensitive information, but some don’t have quite the same sense of mind. This [...]

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Marketing – Facebook Studio Edge

In SA we have a significantly smaller online audience than that of say the States or the United Kingdom. As a result we tend to have been bashing our way into the social space trying to figure out how best to reach and engage with out brand audiences. Some have done better than others but [...]

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Adopt a Chop With Savanna

On the 24th of September is National Heritage Day, a public holiday, more popularly known as National Braai Day, a day where many a roll of boeri be sizzled and many a beer be swizzled. Anyway, enough of trying to be clever (clearly wasn’t working anyway). I heard on the radio yesterday this concept of [...]

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