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Local Podcast For The Committed Geeks

Every so often I go and have a look at what new Twitter followers I have picked up and, going against what most people do, I will generally follow back. Why? Because you really don’t know what value they could offer until you actually follow them. You always have the opportunity to unfollow so you [...]

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The Loeries Mobile App

I didn’t expect to be going to the The Loeries at all this year and so was not going to bother writing (or whatever it is I do here), about the app. Found out yesterday that I will in fact be going to the advertising awards and will no doubt make a complete plank out [...]

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The True Cost of an iPhone

I only post this because this is the nicest way of portraying an infographic yet. Poor Pinterest addicts must be doing their heads being unable to pin it. Created by MBAonline.com

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A Socially Augmented Reality

A time many many moons ago I wrote about Augmented reality and the different forms which it can be used. At the time of writing I think only my mother was reading my blog. The blog itself was a pretty hideous thing anyway so she probably only got through the first line and was then [...]

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Saint Nic & Siri Making Friends

In this latest iPhone 4S ad Apple shows how “Siri can help anyone get through a busy day… Or night..” The ad feels a fairly broad step away from the traditional Apple ads we’ve been used to. Enjoy!

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