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Rocking The Daisies is For “Normal People” Too

We are really lucky in SA, particularly in Cape Town, we get access to more music festivals than you could shake a stick at. Often perceived to be a hippie fest nuked with hallucinogenic drugs that will leave you speaking backwards and trying to make it with that rottweiler before discovering it was chained up [...]

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National Braai Day

With the excitement of The Loeries this weekend I had managed almost completely to over look the fact that on Monday is National Braai Day. Started and fueled by the manimal that is Jan Braai (ask if it is his real name, I dare you), their mission is to position National Braai Day as South [...]

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Adopt a Chop With Savanna

On the 24th of September is National Heritage Day, a public holiday, more popularly known as National Braai Day, a day where many a roll of boeri be sizzled and many a beer be swizzled. Anyway, enough of trying to be clever (clearly wasn’t working anyway). I heard on the radio yesterday this concept of [...]

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Instant Mo, Just Add App! It’s Dry but You Can Drink It.

Sticking to the Movember theme I came across this great initiative from Savannah. Use the app to put a mo on your Facebook profile pic. For every mo grown they will donate R5. So, let’s do the math. If I do it, you do it, and you convince your sister to do it that’s three [...]

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