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Twitter Profile Banner

Twitter has just released the news in a Blog Post that users and brands, authenticated or not, can upload profile banners. Not a functional difference at all but can be a nice addition for brands that utilise the platform. You can add yours by going through to your profile settings, or, just click here. Guess [...]

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A Twitter Lesson

The biggest confusion people seem to have with Twitter is which followers see what and how you should write a tweet. I haven’t seen anyone give the 101 on this so I thought I would take it upon myself and clear a couple of other things up while I am at it. I am going [...]

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Embedding Social Media

I think Facebook is fairly far behind when it comes to being able to embed content… Hardly a surprise when people bicker and moan about privacy because they have pictures up of them half naked with a carrot stuck up their bottom while they funnel a gallon of beer. Being online does not mean you [...]

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At Twitter, The Future is You

#hackweek project: make the best/worst recruiting video of all time. Done.”Working at Twitter isn’t just a sweet job. It’s a way of life. A way of life that’s like a sweet job.” Fair enough, dig it. Enjoy! Via AdFreak

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Twitter: Yours To Discover

Find out more at fly.twitter.com.

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Navigating the New Tweetdeck

Came in this morning and fired up the systems to be bombarded with all the new changes that Twitter has made. The big news (of course) is the new Twitter brand pages, which, you can only view if your account has been updated. No, mine neither, who do we need to call? What I am [...]

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